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The Art of Aromatheraphy ..Enjoy a Relaxing Island Bath with Island Sea Salt Bath and Scrubs

THE HEALING PROPERTIES OF ESSENTIAL OILS, HERBS AND NATURAL ISLAND SEA SALT an island treasured combination, harvested from the salt ponds on Acklins Island. Our salt is unrefined and has all its natural mineral, over eighty trace minerals can be found in Sea Salt, these minerals are essential for healthy skin and body. Sea Salt Cleanse, moisturize, stimulate, nourishes, and soothes the skin, Sea Salt helps with the replenishment of skin cells. Aromatic Essential Oils are found in all parts of the plants and are added to our bath formula, along with our most treasured island herbs. 

For an Island relaxing therapuetic bath surround yourself with Island Herbs, Sea Salt and Essential Oils. Soak away tension, stress, pain, muscle aches, and soften rough skin. Even Hippocrates, had long herbal baths for longevity and Cleopatra enjoyed baths with Herbs and Milk. We are using this same theory and is offering our exclusive line of Herbal Bath Products with Essential Oils and Island Sea Salt. 

Our Sea Salt is sun dried and used in many of our products. We blend essential oils and herbs in our Bath Salts and Scrubs. Our body scrubs exfoliates the skin, lifting dead skin cells, and awaken the senses, a natural mood changer.

Sea Salt naturally tighten the pores and fight many skin conditions like Psoriasis, Seborrhea, Skin Rashes, Eczema, Scaly and Rough Skin, Sinus and Bronchial Congestion, Fluid Retention, Adrenal Glandular Disease, Infection, Sleep Disorder, Acid Reflux, Hemmorahage, Allergies, Swollen Feet, Athlete's Feet, Tired Feet and Sore Feet. 

BATH SALTS  Essential Oils, Herbal Blends

Sweet Rosemary... Rosemary Essential Oil, Island Sea Salt, Rosemary Leaves, Rosemary is a stimulating herb, this herb increases stimulation and relives respiratory conjestion and fatigue. 

Sail Away (Seaweed)... Essential Oils, Seaweed, Island Sea Salt, Seaweed is loaded with  

Pure Delight... Lemon, Grapefriut, Peppermint, Orange, Lemon Grass Essential Oils, Island Sea Salt an uplifting and Energizing Blend. 

Tropical Delight... Essential Oils including Pina Colada, Coconut, Island Sea Salt, a Tropical Exotic Blend. Uplifting with an island twist  

Sugar 'n Spice... Try Sweet and Salt this bath formula cleanse the skin, open the pores and,polishes the skin all at the same time aromatic Essential Oils, Cane Sugar, and Island  Sea Salt.

Island Dreams... Sweet Dreams drift away to dreamland and relax with Island Dreams. Essential OIls like Rosemary, Patchouli, Peppermint ans Island Sea Salt

Jasmine Rose... Rosewood, Rosemary, and Jasmine Essential Oils makes Jasmine Rose perfect to unwindh, use this bath salt combination after a stressful day.   

Ocean Breeze... Imagine the tropical island breeze caressing your body with the sweet fragance of the islands well Island Breeze is perfect for you a enjoy Eucalyptus, Pina Colada, and othe essential oils blended with Island Salt relax and enjoy.  

 English Lavender Mineral... Enjoy Lavender Flowers, Lavender Essential Oil, Island Sea Salt in a soothing and relaxing lavender Bath. Ease tension, anxiety, women suffering from PMS try an English Mineral Lavender Bath. 

Island Magic Beauty...A combination of whole herb leaves and Island Sea Salt the perfect blend of herbs and sea salt to cleanse and protect the skin.  

Island Milk Bath... Enjoy the secret of Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba for beautiful skin, we use our island favorite Herbs, Powdered Milk, Sea Salt, including Cascarilla, and Oats to create our formulation.   

Island Magic Herbal Bath... Imagine Herbs from the island picked whole and dried with all its natural scent this bath is filled with herbs to reduce stress, stimulate the senses, and restore a sense of well being. 

Island Herbs and Sea Salt... Island Sage, Blue Flowers, Cascarilla, Chamomile and Lavender Grounded with Island Sea Salt. Clean and Detox the Body with this Herbal Bath.





Island Body Scrub is a popular exfoliating treatment to deep clean and refresh the skin. Throughout history Sea Salt has been use to deodorize and clean the skin. Our essential oil is blended with essential oils, and herbs for our uplifitng and relaxing scrubs.











SWEETWOOD & COFFEE Anti-Aging Cellulite Scrub



                                         HAND AND FOOT WORKS                                

This energizing hand and foot scrub blend is perfect for tired, overworked feet and hands, a natural scrub with Cornmeal, Seasalt, Wholeoats, Cascarilla, Essential and our Carrier oils.


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