We believe that Nature has a very important role to play in our eco system, and that every plant was placed on our island for a specific reason. On our island we have discovered some of the most poweful herbs and plants that have been used by our fore parents for well over a century.

We have continued keeping the same tradition alive on our island, with our organically grown Granny's Herbal Bush Tea Remedies gathered from around our island and growing at Casca Farms.

REVIVE: For Vitality, Stamnia, Anaemia, Cancer, Diabetes, Flu, Colds.

RESTORE: For a weak immune system, Diabetes, Cancer, Leukaemia, Menopause, Ulcer.

SWEET DELECTABLE: A calming sweet tea for Aches and Pain relaxes you and reduces Stress.

SAMANA DREAM: A sweet fragrant tea to relax Nervous Conditions Reduces Pain, Stress and Fatigue. 

ATWOOD DELIGHT: A soothing tea coloured red brown by the bark and wood of the Brasiletto tree, excellent for Iron Deficiency and High Blood Pressure.

DEAD BELOW THE WAIST: For those suffering from Sexual Dysfunction, increases Stamina, Aphrodisiac.

SHAKE THE DILLY TREE: A Ladies tea but men drink it too. Increases sexual drsire, conception and a low libido  blended with Bo Hog, Bay Hops and other herbs. A Granny's speciality given to women when they couldn't conceive.

STOMPPER: A combination of White Stompper and Strong Back an Aphrodisiac for men to strengthen the back. Ladies use it as a bath solution. Drink for Virility, Stiff Limbs,and Nervous Conditions.

ISLAND BITTERS: The Signature Herb of Acklins Island, Cascarilla leaves and bark is used a a potent bitter tonic good for the blood, increases Appetitie, High Blood Pressure, Menopause.  Cascarilla Essential Oil is used in the Campari Liquor, Perfumes, Body Scrubs, Flavouring in Beverages and Candies. 

BAY RUM: Spicy and fragrant, good to stimulate the appetite, Ulcers,Pneumonia, Prostate Cancer, Kidney and Liver disease, Poor circulation, Sprains, Strains, Colds, Flu, Fever, Lung, and Sinus congestion, use as a bath for oily skin.  

SWEET ' n SPICY: Warm, Spicy and fragrant a combination of Cinnamon Sticks, Chamomile, Brasiletto, Bay Rum, Five Fingers, and Fever Grass (Lemon) Grass. A great tea to enjoy warm and relaxing. 

 SHORTLEAF FIG: This herb has therapeutic potential for improving the efficiency of Chemotherapy, helps patient tolerate Chemo. 

BLUE FLOWERS: The Stomaach Herb, an excellrent herb for Ulcerated Stomach, Muscle Spasm, Diuretic, Reflux Ulcer, Asthma, Lactation, Diabetes, Hypertension, Protects and Detoxify the Liver, Induces Menstruationand Sleep Disorder. 

SOUR SOP: Graviola- The wonder herb tried and tested for the treatment of Cancer and Tumours, a natural antidepressant, helps with High Blood Pressure, Parasites, Worms, Bacteria, and Fungi Infections.

SPIGELIA: The Heart Herb, Strong and very potent use for heart diseases like Murmurs, Angina, Rheumatic Heart disease, Palpation, Pain in the chest, Migraines, calms Nervous Condition, Sinus Infection induces sleep a poweful herb to be taken with caution.

POND BUSH: Called the Obeah Bush by the islanders, Amazon Herbal Healers caledl it ANAMU the Magical Herb, a very rare herb kills Cancer cells, Leukemia, prevents Tumours, reduces Inflammation and Pain, kills Bacteria,Viruses, Fungi, Lowers Blood Sugar, can cause sleep.It is said by folk tale that a bouquet of Pond Bush keeps away evil spirit. 

NONI: This herb is used to help cure many diseases, like Colds and Flu, Asthma, Pain, Diabetes, Cancer Cells, High Blood Pressure, Skin Infection, Mental Depression and Arthritis.

NEEM: The answer to many diseases like Skin Rash, fungus, Ulcers, Chicken Pox, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Wounds, Fever, Constipation, Eye Condition. 

GALE OF WIND: Use for Kidney stones, Urinary tract infections, Gall Bladder Stones, Tuberculiosis, slows ITLV-1 replication in HIV patients, irregular Menstruation, Hepatitis, Diabetes and Cancer.

GREEN BUTTONWOOD: A Multi purpose herb used as an Astrigent, Tonic, those who suffer from Conjunctivitis, Prickly Heat, Anaemia,Ffever and Catarrh.

CERASEE: Help to stimulate the Appetitie, good for those suffering Pneumonia, Prostate Cancer,Kidney and Liver Disease, Diabetes,Llung and Sinus Congestion, Sprains, Strains, Flu, Ulcers, Dandruff.

MAIDENBERRY: This is the go to herb for the Urinary Tract, promotes urination, excellent for Kidney stones, Bladder Infections, and Kidney disease. 

ROCK BUSH: The MOUTH HERB, leaves can be used to clean theTteeth, use for Toothache, chew leaves for Stomach ache, use as a gargle for Sore throat.  

ISLAND HERBAL TINCTURE: Strong powerful conentrate use three to four drops under the tougue. Use an an Aperitif, stimulate the appetite or if there is a Stomach ache. or Pain. 


















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Dear sir,

We are an Egyptian company for producing herbs,spices and seeds.

In the past and until now we are farmers in our fields so we look

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We own the products in hands .We are not tr

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